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Emergency Casualty Care Kit

Image of Emergency Casualty Care Kit

In case of a severe bleeding as a result of a serious accident, an attack, explosion, ... the basic first aid kits do not fulfill first responder's needs. Equipe your site with ECC kits, designed to save lives and to fit your place with high quality plexiglass and a good looking design!

This kit has been composed in coordination with our experts in relation to the 'Emergency Casualty Care' training sessions provided by SERIS Academy, only containing the best material on the market. For more information about our ECC training sessions, visit

Each KIT contains:

1x High quality plexiglass custom designed case
4x Casualty cards with lenyard
1x FAST Stretcher
4x Individual ECC kits containing each:
- 1x C-A-T Tourniquet
- 2x NAR Compressed Gauze
- 1x Hyfin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack
- 1x Emergency Trauma Dressing
- 1x Isothermic blanket
- 1x NAR shears
- 1x Bear Claw Gloves

Train your staff or hire a trained SERIS Security guard. As a pioneer in this field, SERIS Security nv (ibz 16.1065.10) structurally invests in training gradually all it's 1700 security guards to gain ECC competences, taking its corporate social responsibility to create a safer and more efficient society.